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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Judith Hill - Back in Time

So this might be the first time I'm recommending an album without listening to it first. There are a couple of reasons why I’m making this special exception – the first reason is that it is a time-sensitive download. The deadline was set for March 25th, so I’m not sure if you can still download this album tomorrow or if today is the last chance. The second reason I am making this exception is because this album is being given away by Prince. Yes, THE Prince. I saw an email in my inbox “from Prince” and expected a tour or album announcement, only to find out that it was actually a free download for Judith Hill’s new album “Back in Time.” Judith Hill is a 31 year old Los Angeles singer who competed on the NBC show The Voice in 2013 and was also featured in the Oscar and Grammy-winning documentary about backup singers titled “20 Feet From Stardom.” Hill also had a cameo in the Michael Jackson movie “This Is It,” where she was featured as a backup singer in rehearsal for his upcoming tour.

Despite all this exposure, Prince did not actually discover Judith until he saw an interview of her on a European show where she expressed the desire to work with the legendary artist. According to an article by startribune.com he later invited her to a listening party for his 2014 album "Art Official Age," and when they talked briefly at the party Prince asked what kind of music she wanted to make. She said “Sly and the Family Stone.” He said, “That’s all I needed to know.” That should also be all you need to know when making your decision to download this project or not. Be forewarned, the link to this album is actually for 11 WAV files and not MP3s, so the file size is considerably large (just over 1 Gig.)  If you don't have a way to convert WAV files to MP3s you can do so for free online at the link below. - GodzIL

Download Here: [Promotion is done]


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