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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Tüki Save the Humans [FREE Web Comic]

Jeff Smith is the Writer/Artist/Genius behind the all ages, fantasy-comedy Bone. The series was independently published between 1991 – 2004 and has been the recipient of TEN Eisner Awards and ELEVEN Harvey Awards. After Bone’s completion and various serializations, Smith was then approached by DC Comics to work on a mini-series based on their SHAZAM character. Once that series ended he decided to return to his indie roots with another creator-owned series RASL, a sci-fi tale based around a dimension-hopping art thief with a decidedly more adult vibe to it.

He now continues in the diversity of his projects with his latest creation Tüki: Save the Humans. Tüki is a prehistoric story that follows the journey of the first human being to leave Africa. During that time Africa became very dry and the early hominids were slowly dying out, so exploration outside of Africa was necessary. Of course, in the tradition of his original epic Bone, this story has a fantasy spin to it as well. This web-series is his first book to be published in full-color (Bone and RASL was originally in black and white before being later colored for collected editions) and is available to read for FREE online!

Tüki has been ‘live’ for quite some time now, but you can start it from the very beginning of the first ‘season’ at the link below. If you like the story check out his aforementioned works and be sure to purchase Tüki: Save the Humans once it’s published in printed form! (Issue #1 is already available in the Boneville store!) - GodzIL

Read Here: Tüki Save the Humans Season One

Buy Jeff Smith Stuff here: www.boneville.com/store/

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