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Monday, September 15, 2014

Merzbow X Boiler Room at Dommune [Video & Audio Download]

Boiler Room is back again with another experimental offering in their series of online concerts! This time they highlight the mighty Merzbow live from Dommune Studio in Tokyo. This set in particular is likely to confuse, or downright alienate their normal dance-seeking audience, so I commend the Boiler Room for expanding their coverage and fanbase.  This harsh noise set sees Merzbow at his best, returning to his roots of guitar pedals, contact mics and homemade instruments as opposed to the laptop noise he has been creating in previous years.  Watch the 20 minute set above and download the audio at the link below [Editors Note: The link for the audio seems to be down at the moment, we will post it once its back up again.] - GodzIL

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