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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mick Jenkins - The Water[s] (Free Download)

Southside Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins returns this week with his latest project “The Water[s]” and like most of his music this release is out for free download. This is his first full length album since he signed to Cinematic Music Group. I thought I posted about his other mixtapes months ago but I guess not. Hopefully this post makes up for that.

On the 2nd track THC Mick Jenkins sets up his reasoning for the album title (besides the obvious ‘flow’ references) by stating that water is the most important natural component that we have today, and that it has the ability to both heal and destroy. That’s pretty deep subject matter for a seemingly simple (if not overused) principle. Besides that the album as a whole does also have a liquid quality to it, with many of the ethereal beats sounding like they’re underwater. Yet instead of drowning or merely floating over these beats, Mick easily cuts through at the pace of a speedboat with lyrics as sharp as those found on his previous mixtapes. Much like the music of the new guard of young MCs such as Kendrick and fellow Chicagoan Chance, Mick demonstrates a love of lyricism that doesn't sacrifice musicality, and is often times a throwback to the Hip Hop of the 90s. I also appreciate the fact that he features at least one or two female rappers in his releases as well, although its hard to take focus away from Mick's lyrics which steals the show on nearly every track.

This guy’s got punchlines for days, but once I heard his rhyme scheme that ended with “everbody wanna be the back of a D. Rose” I was done. I can post more but if I did I may fuck around and make his whole album a quotable. I have a lot of favorites but the Helter Skelterish track with Joey Bada$$ is so good it makes me want an entire album of the two. Mick may rap that water is worth more than gold, but this release is worth way more than it’s free price tag. HIGHLY recommended. -GodzIL

Download Here: Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]

More FREE Mick Music: mickjenkins.bandcamp.com/

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