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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gridlink - Longhena [Review]

The latest album by Gridlink is also their last; it in essence sums up and points to future of Jon Chang’s career. His former band, Discordance Axis set the gold standard for post-millennial Grindcore; literate and angular yet also hyperfast and crushing. They were unlike any band in the past, nor has there been many like them since. Of course, because Gridlink is a Jon Chang project it initially did bear similarities to that former band. There has been three years in between each Gridlnk album and that gap definitely shows up in the small, intricate details. This album like everything else done by the man, bears repeated listening to catch all the shit you didn’t get on the first few listens. This album represents the most tightly focused vision yet by Chang & company, every song is a study in controlled fury. 

This is immediate from the first track ‘Constant Autumn’, which takes its time lathering up at a full two minutes long! ‘Thirst Watcher’ is all non-distorted guitar and sweeping orchestral strings, with the notable absence of any vocals. ‘Stay Without Me’ has hints of Power Metal, while epic three minute ‘Looking To Windward’ has a serious Thrash intro. These strains of melodicism throughout the album add a beautiful new dimension to their sound; one is even tempted to call it the “prettiest “ Grindcore album ever, as silly and ridiculous as that sounds. Sure, these kinds of moments cropped up the past, but effect is blatant and purposeful. There is a sense in these tracks that a chapter is closing and another will be a great distinction from what has been. Even though the band is no more, we can rest assured Jon Chang & Co. will rise up again building on the foundations of their glorious past. ~P 

[Editor's note: another band with this lineup is unlikely as Gridlink/Haiyano Daisuki guitarist Takafumi Matsubara has expressed a desire for a break from grindcore.  Once again Jon Chang will have to find a new guitarist if he chooses to grind again.  Although there still may be hope for a future Jon Gridlink or Discordance Axis album]

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