FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2014 - Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream


Saturday, May 03, 2014


It's that time of year again and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is finally upon us once again!  And also once again is the fact that it falls upon the opening weekend of a Spider-Man movie (which was good in case you were wondering) just like it did in 2007, 2004, and when it was first introduced in 2002.  The event that inspired Record Store Day celebrates local shops and the comic books they sell as various companies sends copies of comics to give away for free with many stores even offering their own freebies and special deals! So go visit one or more comic book stores today to take advantage of all the free books and sales and please, please support these shops by buying tons of goodies this May 3rd!  If you're not familiar with your local shop you can find one at the link below and check out Stan 'The Man' Lee as he talks about this joyous annual occasion (there's 60 free comics this year!) ~GodzIL

Find a shop here:

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