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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

American Nature/Greg & Fake Presents: The Donruss Diamond Collection [Kickstarter Comics]

Do you want to fuck bitches and listen to Drill Rap all day and Trap House all night? Do you want to live life perpetually turnt up to all-natural, fat, juicy booties on anthropomorphic, boner-confusing (literal and figurative) chickenhead, pop-culture mash-ups? Does a female Cobra Commander with Iggy Azalea’s ass and a Rick Ross chain make your baloney pony stand to attention? Does a basketball player with a hamburger for a head get your downstairs clown nose all juicy? Do you want to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women? Then American Nature has got what choo need mang!

(*any and all aforementioned rewards of life or spoils of war can and will only be a direct result of your willingness to be a fucking boss and is in no way guaranteed with the purchase of any of the following products. But it’s not like that shit wouldn’t hurt!)

American Nature started as a backup in Image Comic (and Idol Threat fav) Hoax Hunters series, and now they’re here to bring it to full- grown life in it’s own compilation book! Along with their comic drawn by the dynamic duo of Greg & Fake and written by Dave Landsberger and Marc Koprinarov, the comp also includes Bogus Books’ new time-travel mindfuck, "R.A.D. in Time", Benjamin Marra's "Vigilante Girl Gang", Ralph Niese's epic "Mediokrates" and Zé Burnay and his Witch Gauntlet story "The Walking Light!" The Kickstarter packages you can purchase range from digital copies of the book, to choices of some sick shirts and physical copies of the comic. You can even cop a 7” friggin vinyl record from Chicago Indie band Kleenex Girl Wonder featuring the Hood Internet!

The crème de la crème of packages also features original fucking artwork from the Beef Jams Hoax Hunter backup stories, and even some custom cardboard paintings from Greg and Fake themselves! There’s also a garbage bag of over 33 rare Greg & Fake paintings and a private acoustic concert from Graham of KGW available! OH SNAP - there's a Steve Seeley cover too!! What are you waiting for?!?! Click dat shit below! ~GodzIL

Get that shit here homie!: American Nature Kickstarta Mufucka!

American Nature virtual crib ya feel me?:

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