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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mountain Language - Left to Atrophy Upon the Altar [Free Download]

This Milwaukee band owes a great deal to the work of The Body, certainly the noisier aspects. The leadoff track ‘ A Torch Before the Maiden Voyage’ starts off with a low hum that gets progressively louder until the drums and guitar kick in to crush you to death. The track descends into an amalgamation of bass, bass drum, and that hum from the beginning. ‘Gorge’ is all drum fills and a surging, crushing wall of sound until the midpoint comes crashing down with screeching black metal vocals. The track ‘No God’ taps into the Post-Sludge vein that made Horseback’s Invisible Mountain one the greatest achievements of boundary smashing 21st century heavy music. The album ends on the unsettling title track that shows exciting promise from these Midwestern experimental doomsters. Free to listen on their bandcamp page, free download after the cassette is released.  ~P

Download Here:

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