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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Batman Versus The Terminator [Video]

Tony Guerrero and Mitchell Hammond have created an awesome fan-made film of something we definitely hope gets greenlit in some form for the future: Batman Versus The Terminator! Yup you read that right, BATMAN VS TERMINATOR – and its fucking GREAT! The animated film features music by Noir Deco and depicts a very 'Dark Knight Returns' influenced armored Batman trying to take back a post-apocalyptic world from Skynet and its Terminators. The animation is very clean and slightly anime influenced, and I can see this easily fitting in with DCs string of animated videos. Unfortunately this feature is only about 5 minutes long and the only video on their Youtube page so far, plus it leaves us at a cliffhanger before Bruce can actually go mano-a-roboto with a Terminator. Its still a badass teaser nonetheless! Oh yeah btw - Batman has a moustache in this. A MOUSTACHE!

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