Utech Records Music Festival II - Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Utech Records Music Festival II

Wisconsin-based experimental label Utech Records held their first Music Festival 2 years ago in Milwaukee. The fest featured one of the greatest noise/drone lineups imaginable including Horseback, James Plotkin, House of Low Culture, Mamiffer, Locrian and Gog. Today they announce their 2nd Music Festival to be held once again in Milwaukee on December 6th. This time the lineup includes Trevor De Brauw, Suzuki Junzo from Japan and Idol Threat favorites Dead Neanderthals from the Netherlands! Having attended the first one we can guarantee this is an event you won’t want to miss, there’s no telling the next time we’ll have Dead Neanderthals or Suzuki Junzo here in the States! See the complete lineup and info below:

Website: http://www.utechrecords.com/

Cactus Club2496 S Wentworth Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
December 6, 2013
7PM $20

Sum of R
Suzuki Junzo
Burning Tree
John Kolodij/Jon Mueller/Joseph Clayton Mills
Dead Neanderthals
Olivia Block
Trevor De Brauw/Steven Hess
Frank Rosaly

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