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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bastard Noise / Brutal Truth Announce Split Release

Grindcore masters Brutal Truth has always had a soft (harsh?) spot for noise, often incorporating it into their music and collaborating with noise acts in their 20+ years of existence. So it isn’t a surprise, and in fact is more of a foregone conclusion, when a split with legendary noise/powerviolence Bastard Noise was recently announced. The split, entitled "The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity,” will be available on CD, LP and digital formats and will be released on November 11 via Relapse Records. In an interesting move both the CD and LP formats of the release contain entirely different sets of music from both bands while the digital version will collect all of the tracks onto one compilation. Various bundles will of course be available including one that comes with an exclusive t-shirt of the project. Check out the promotional trailer below followed by the full track listing.

The album is available for pre-order via Relapse mailorder:

"The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity" track listing:

LP track listing:

01. BRUTAL TRUTH - Control Room: Peace is the Victory Mix
02. BASTARD NOISE - Preemptive Epitaph for the Living
03. BASTARD NOISE - The Antenna Galaxies (ngc 4038-4039)
04. BASTARD NOISE - Frack Baby Frack

CD track listing:

01. BASTARD NOISE - The Duel of the Ant and the Dragonfly
02. BASTARD NOISE - The Horizon on Lynx
03. BASTARD NOISE - Horned Beetle Conflict
04. BASTARD NOISE - Mantis Colony
05. BRUTAL TRUTH - Control Room: Smoke Grind and Sleep Mix 06. BRUTAL TRUTH - The Stroy

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