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Friday, September 27, 2013

THOU - Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead [FREE]

Are we ever going to stop posting about THOU? Not in this lifetime fuckers! The (mostly) Baton Rouge, Lousiana-based sludge band has taken a slight break of late (or what is considered a 'break' for a band that averages 5 releases a year and tours extensively) with one member relocated to Oakland and another moving to San Diego. But it seems this recent mini-tour with False and Cloud Rat may be the trigger for a THOU-filled remainder of the year that will hopefully conclude with the release of their collaborative EP with The Body, their full-length "Heathen" and another EP of leftovers from said album. After this midwest tour is finished the next shows on the agenda will be with Barghest - which is guitarist Matthew Thudium's black metal band - in November with one being in Baton Rouge and two in Texas. Plus just to get closer to their 5-release average quota for the year the band released one of their early demos this past April on bandcamp.

The demo; entitled "Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead," is a 5 song, 40 minute recording made before vocalist Bryan Funck joined. That means Matthew Thudium handled the vocal duties for this mostly-instrumental outing. The demo sounds alot more like early Louisiana sludge than their later releases with a heavier post rock influence, with some tracks even having parts that could very easily be mistaken for an early Mono song. This lends a more mournful/hopeful overall feel to it than their normal abrasive/aggresive sound, especially with the clean singing from Matt. Make no mistake however - this is still a Thou release so the album retains the riff-factory tradition of their signature sludge sound. Another solid release from one of the most prolific, consistent and heaviest bands out today. Big thanks to Ed of the "Black Metal of the Americas" Zine for the heads up.

Download Here: THOU - Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead

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