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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Planning for Burial Discography Free until Monday

By 'free' we mean it's up for "pay as you want" on Bandcamp so don't be a bunch of cheap bastards and give a little while you download all this quality music.  Hailing from New Jersey, Planning for Burial's brand of blackened doom/drone (self-described gloom/slowcore) relies heavily on post rock, and his unique blend of those influences created something memorable amidst the sea of shoegazed 'post metal' bands that have been sprouting in the past years.  The mastermind behind Planning for Burial also runs the label Music Ruins Lives and has released recordings through the Enemies List record label, which is ran by like-minded band Have a Nice Life.  There's not much time left to download so I would do so quickly and recommend using FLAC, you can always convert it to MP3s later.

Download/Pay What you want here until 7/22/13:

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