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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Old Witch - Come Mourning Come [Free Download]

Old Witch is a new band with their own blend of black and doom metal that is bleaker than bleak, I mean their debut album is called "Come Mourning Come" for fucks sake! Grating vocals and haunting riffs are backdropped by an eerie atmosphere all moving as slow as the drudge of a dead body towards its grave.  Not much is known about this band - their names, location and even number of band members are a mystery and the only thing that exists as evidence besides this album is their Bandcamp page and a bare bones Facebook profile.  You can download their debut for free or a small donation.  Donate whatever you can or get it free while it lasts. Here's what their bio on bandcamp says:

"Stooping in a rotting throne of dead oak, casting black thoughts to the stars, burning cold over the glacial wilderness, she reaches withered hands to the cold, eternal night, vast above the deep winter forest. We have spilled our lives an offering to old gods, this brooding vast land. Come, the funeralboats unfurl cruel sails to the north wind, seeking haven beyond the pillars of death...."

Download and Stream here: http://oldwitch.bandcamp.com/

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