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Friday, March 01, 2013

Scratch Bandits Crew - Break Ya Neck Remix [Video]

The world of deejaying has come a long way in terms of technology with the advent of Serato, Midi Controllers, drum machines and midi-everything.  All this "progress" has seemed to only hamper the artistry of it all with deejays lazily syncing their routines or button-mashing their way to a dope set, all leading to the point where some don't even feel the need to dj live at all or even know what their doing (see Paris Hilton.)  With all that backtracking it's good to see people taking the art form forward with the use of this technology. Turntablism is getting some new life injected to it with DMC starting to allow Serato into their competition and turntablists like the French crew Scratch Bandits incorporating the technology into their routines in creative ways.  Peep their live remix of Busta Rhyme's track Break Ya Neck, and big ups to Thatkidnamedcee for bringing this video to our attention.

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