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Monday, March 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Chicago!

The City of Chicago was officially incorporated on Saturday, March 4, 1837. With Chicago being the hometown of Idol Threat it is only right that we salute all the bands and artists past and present which has called the Second City their home (click on the names for links/info)

90 Day MenAstonish, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Anatomy of HabitBad Boy BillBig BlackBlack SeptemberBloodiest, Bloodyminded, Bongripper, Buddy Guy, Buried at Sea, Chicago Thrash Ensemble, Common (Sense), DJ Rude One, Do or Die, EC Illa, Earatik Statik, The Flying Luttenbachers, Frankie Knuckles, Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Hate Basement, HeWhoCorrupts, Hollywood Holt, Howlin' Wolf, Indian, Jason Soliday, MC JUICE, Junior Wells, Jyroscope, Kanye West, Ken Vandermark, LichensLike Rats, Locrian, Lord Mantis, Lupe Fiasco, Maker, Malachi Thompson, Mass Hysteria, MasterMC ADaDMikkey HalstedMolemenMuddy WatersNachtmystiumNeil JendonNo I.D.Novembers DoomPelicanPlague BringerPlatter PiratesPrimeridianPsalm OnePugs AtomzQwazaarQwel, Rectal HygienicsRhymefestRon HardyRoscoe MitchellRubberoomSchemeSea of ShitShowYouSuckSweet CobraToadstyleTomorrow KingsTo Kool ChrisTortoiseTrenchmouthThe Twilite ToneTwistaTypical CatsVakillVon FreemanWeekend Nachos, White/LightWinters in Osaka

This is far from a comprehensive list but if you're in or near the Chi the best way to discover new music is to get out there and support.  There's plenty of shows, record stores (find Chicago Record Stores) and local artists selling their music out there but it's up to you to participate in the community.  The warning shots at any mainstream starts at the grass roots and as always you can count on us to bring you the latest and greatest of the Chicago music underground.

Discover: idolthreat.blogspot.com/search/label/Chicago

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