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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ice Dragon - Discography [Free Download]

We have a ton of free music we're going to be featuring soon and what better way to start than a band's entire discography?  Ice Dragon has been active since 2007 with over 10 releases and each one is solid as fuck.  According to their Bandcamp they describe themselves as "the bonfire in the woods that you and your degenerate friends would try to jump over at the end of the night."  In layman's terms they are a metal trio from Boston with tinges of psychedelic rock mixed in.  

The majority of their albums feature stomping, lo-fi doom metal with buried, cavernous moans akin to the vocals found in Electric Wizard.  The psych influence ranges in intensity with each release peaking mostly on their album "Dream Dragon" which adds flute, organ, theremin, modular synth, harmonica, Mellotron, and hand drums.  They also list Grand Funk Railroad, Townes Van Zandt, Black Sabbath,  Supertramp, Jethro Tull (apparently Aqualung only) among others in their eclectic list of influences.  Everything considered the ingredients add up to an incredible mix of heavy metal, I recommend every release but I am especially partial to "Tome of the Future Ancients."  You can download each release for free but at least donate a few bucks or pick up one of their vinyl or cassettes - especially if you're downloading the entire discography.

Get them here:

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