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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Flying Lotus: Captain Murphy - Duality Mixtape/Video

In July a mysterious rapper named Captain Murphy popped up on a track with producer Flying Lotus and rapper Earl Sweatshirt of Cali collective Odd Future which was released by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.  The MC has been making noise ever since on Twitter and the internets with his cartoon videos (and a brand new video starring Mr. Frodo himself Elijah Wood!) He became even more viral when his secret identity was revealed to be the aforementioned FlyLo at a live show in Los Angeles at The Airliner.     

The amazing electronic/Hip Hop producer was now also a self-described cartoon villain akin to MF DOOM, complete with voice-altering effects a la Madlib's alter ego Quasimoto.  FlyLo has since released a Duality video montage/mixtape along with a deluxe audio version that also includes the instrumentals - all for free download via his Captain Murphy site.  The mixtape features production from Flying Lotus, Jeremiah Jae, SAMIYAM, Just Blaze, Madlib and more.  The first track is even named after Alejandro Jodorowsky's bizarre western cult classic "El Topo" and samples 300 Conejos from the soundtrack of said movie -that alone was enough to get me to download this, which you should do to at the links below (and make sure to check out the videos after the jump.)

Download Here: Captain Murphy - Duality


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