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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wreck and Reference - No Youth [Free Download]

Wreck and Reference are a duo from California that plays guitar-less doom. They label themselves as "electronic doom" on their Facebook page and they make their music using drums, synthesizers and samples. From the looks of their pictures they seem to employ a guitarist for their live shows but they do have a guy performing with some sort of sampler strapped onto him as well. The whole package has a very lo-fi aesthetic with the vocals sounding very ethereal and shoegazey as opposed to the classic doom sound or screamed/guttural vocals. The lo-fi tag, lack of guitars and the fact that they're a duo can lead one to believe them to have a bare bones sound but they actually sound quite rich and lush despite it all.  Their debut earned them the demo of the year title in my year end list for 2011 and had I posted enough free albums this year to do a Top 10 Free Albums list their newest release No Youth would definitely have a spot in it.  Wreck and Reference have refined the heavy ambience of their experimental electronic doom sound and have created an album that is unlike any other doomgaze album in recent memory.

Download Here for free (or pay what you want): wreckandreference.bandcamp.com/

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