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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love Sex Machine - S/T [Free Download]

Love Sex Machine may sound like a (semi) innocent band but don't let the kooky name fool you.  The first track for example is called "Anal on Deceased Virgin" and it doesn't take long for it to convince you that these guys are serious.  Though it may seem like its a song for a goregrind or Death Metal band they actually are far from it (at least in terms of the heavy metal spectrum of music.) This French band plays hateful, heavy, punishing sludge in the vein of Eyehategod and Chicago's Indian.  In fact this is some of the best extreme doom I've heard in a while, AND it's free.  Sludge has been popular for a while and so in a world filled with dime a dozen down-tuned riffage Love Sex Machine stand out in the crowd by getting it 'right.'  They aren't exactly reinventing the wheel or even experimenting with the genre but who gives a fuck when you sound this good?

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