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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Government Alpha - The Oranda Nippon Conspiracy

I just realized that I have been SEVERLY lacking in freebies this past year so I will attempt to make up for it with a slew of fast and sloppy posts (mmmmm, fast and sloppy...)

Here we have yet ANOTHER free banger brought to you by the prolific bandcamp label Grindcore Karoake! This time instead of sludge or grind we get a noise album from veteran Government Alpha! GA is one of the vanguard of the 2nd wave of Japanoise and one of my favorite noise artists.  This free release is far from his harshest but this is still not for the faint of heart, newcomers to harsh noise (or noise in general) proceed with caution.  Despite this The Oranda Nippon Conspiracy is a great starting point for diving into the discography of Government Alpha or harsh noise in general. Play this LOUD!

Download Here:

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