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Friday, November 23, 2012

Author & Punisher - FREE Discography [Black Friday]

A few years ago I came across this amazing solo artis named Author & Punisher.  After discovering him I immediately bought his entire discography but forgot to post any reviews about it (his last album "Drone Machines" is in my top albums of 2011 list that I also forgot to post.) Tristan Shone (the man behind Author & Punisheruses his mechanical engineering background to create unique machine instruments that either make their own sounds or are used to trigger computer or synth samples.  His creations alone were impressive enough to warrant attention, but it was his blend of industrial, drone and doom metal that made his music truly unparalleled. Today as a special for Black Friday Tristan is offering his entire discography for free download on his bandcamp!  I CANNOT stress enough how essential his entire discography is and everyone should really take advantage of his generous offer (and maybe donate at least a few dollars or buy some merch.)  

Each album is unique but my favorite is Drone Machines, and his newest album Ursus Americanus is now available as vinyl and a CD through Seventh Rule Records.  As amazing as his songs are you really have to see him perform them to truly appreciate the genius and ingenuity of this project, so I've posted a few videos after the jump that you can check out as well. Again the music (and videos) gets the HIGHEST recommendation that we can give.  Just put $0 when you "buy" each download (or put in a few bucks if you're so inclined.)

Download Here:

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