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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Noisebazooka - Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans

At this point I should really just start telling people to visit Grindcore Karaoke's Bandcamp weekly instead of merely posting a few of the amazing releases they put out.  I really can't imagine that Jay Randall is making any money putting these free releases out (especially considering he usually pays to keep the free download option going monthly) so the least we could do is show our appreciation by downloading everything they put up!  This time we're highlighting European grind-duo NOISEBAZOOKA who consists of vocalist Salmi & guitarist/drumcomputerist (© Idol ThreatAlmir. I'll let their Facebook bio speak for themselves and just say that this 99 track, 1 hour long album is a MUST download:

"NOISEBAZOOKA is a 2 piece grindcore-band from Vienna / Austria / Europe and was formed in late November 2005 out of the ashes of MONOLITH (1997-2005) to produce and perform extreme, fast, chaotic and aggressive grindcore-music in the vein of early NAPALM DEATH or BRUTAL TRUTH combined with the new sound and weirdness of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, DISCORDANCE AXIS or YACØPSÆ... NOISEBAZOOKA stands for a shredding and blistering guitar, non-pitchshifted vocals and screams, and insane fast drumcomputer-blasts. NOISEBAZOOKA constructs harsh, cold and ultra "destructured" atmospheres that turn your brain into pieces. NOISEBAZOOKA's live performances remind someone of hyperactive and insane breakdowns. NOISEBAZOOKA sets definitely free the essential energy of grindcore."

Download Here: Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans | GRINDCORE KARAOKE

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