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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Neurosis release visual trailer for Honor Found In Decay

Anticipation builds as Neurosis reveal the visual trailer for their upcoming album Honor Found in Decay.  Here's what the band had to say about the video:

"Created by video architect Kenneth Thomas, also responsible for producing the mini-documentary for NEUROSIS’ 2007-released Given To The Rising, the intense look into the new opus features intimate details of the album’s layout hand-crafted by the band’s visual specialist by Josh Graham, personal commentary from guitarists/vocalists Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till on the creation of Honor Found In Decay, as well as the first brief moments of audio to be publicly unleashed.

States Steve Von Till in the early moments of the preview, "A legacy can only be assured if we continually burn down the past and plant seeds in the ashes to grow new, greater things," and is followed by founding member Scott Kelly, who boldly affirms, "If you don't make a record that you think eclipses your previous record, then... you've failed."

NEUROSIS confirmed performances:

11/30-12/02/2012 - ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas - Camber Sands Holiday Camp, England
12/02/2012 - HMV Forum - London, England w/ Godflesh

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