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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Childish Gambino - R O Y A L T Y

Ex-30 Rock writer and current co-star of NBC's Community Donald Glover turns 29 today.  To celebrate we're posting a download to ROYALTY - the latest mixtape released under his MC moniker Childish Gambino (a name he acquired using the infamous Wu-Tang name-generator.)  When Glover first started off as a rapper/producer his mixtapes showed promise but lacked focus, and the insecurity he now uses confidently as his sounding board seemed more like a crutch for his lack of experience.  Luckily by the time his first official album Camp came out Donald resolved his balance of self-deprication and ego in time to make a great album.  He went from being 'the guy from Community who sometimes raps' to someone who could actually have a viable music career outside of acting.  At the very least he is a far more interesting alternative to any actor-turned-rapper out now.

ROYALTY differs from his previous outings in that it features a plethora of guest stars including Schoolboy Q, Ghostface Killah, Bun B, the RZA, Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, Nipsey Hussle, Alley Boy, Kilo Kish, some forced rapping from Beck and motherfuckin Tina Fey.  Yup you read that last name right, unfortunately her cameo comes off a bit flat despite her best efforts.  It's a solid mixtape that is only slightly hindered by a few awkward and average guest verses and some overreaching song concepts.  Thankfully Glover's better lines outweigh the cornier ones and some of the other features actually turned out to be pretty good.  These tracks aren't merely just throwaways, this turned out to be a strong and enjoyable mixtape overall.  Happy birthday Childish G.

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