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Friday, August 10, 2012

Idol Threat Guide to Wizard World Chicago 2012

What originally started out some years back as a preview night has turned into a full-blown first day this year for the annual Chicago Wizard World.  There wasn't much there yet in terms of guests and attendees (I was only able to spot wrestler John Cena and actor Kevin Sorbo) but that will be sure to change tomorrow and definitely by Saturday when everyone is off work.  The convention is set up differently than it has been previously with the layout switching to a more "horizontal" configuration.  Where attendees entered in the past by the normal convention center entrance is now an "exit only" with the only entrance being in the side area where the early arrivers line up before open. This puts artist alley in the back along the restaurant wall, although artist alley is no longer clearly marked.  Most of the lines set aside for celebrity signings are in the middle of the floor with photo-ops being in the far right.  The print on the maps given out are a bit small so you may need to take some time to familiarize yourself with the floor layout before looking for specific booth numbers.

Box O' Zombies, whom we featured in our C2E2 coverage, are here with art duo Greg & Fake also returning (at booth 4421.) George Perez is at booths 4029/4031/4033, I saw him doing sketches first thing in the morning and saw him still going strong when I left around 7pm.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was at it most of the day with few breaks, the man is known for his sketching stamina and generous heart so stop on by his booth at some point to show some love.  Adam Bartlett head of metal label Gilead Media is also present with his partner John Pata.  The two are promoting and selling the independent horror flick "Dead Weight" that they both wrote and directed so be sure to check them out as well.  Chicago based t-shirt company Threadless also has a table at booth number 2758 and you can also see cult movie company Troma Entertainment home of The Toxic Avenger at booth 1816! There seems to be less artists and more vendors this year including a bunch that have been stuck behind in a hidden area so be sure to explore every inch that isn't closed off. I could not truly call this a guide without mentioning the fact that showering, deodorant and clean clothes are a MUST for everyone attending!  Venturing into the light for the first time this Summer may be rough for some geeks, but it's even rougher for the people stuck in closed quarters with them!  Be sure to set aside time for the photo-ops and panels as well, you can check out some of the selected highlights below:


William Shatner 1:15pm Friday and 10am Saturday
James Marsters Friday at 3:45pm and 1pm Saturday
BUFFY (Amy Acker, James Marsters, Juliet Landau and Amber Benson) 12:30pm on Saturday.  
Sean Patrick Flanery of The Boondock Saints at 3:30pm Friday and 10:45am Sunday
Norman Reedus & Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead Sunday at 11:15am
Peter Mayhew & Jeremy Bulloch of Star Wars at 10:30am Sunday
Stan Lee will be signing Friday at 4:30pm and 12:45pm on Sunday.  


Storytelling with artist Michael Golden in Room 14 from 1-1:45PM
Sam Trammell of True Blood Q&A from 3-3:45pm in Room 14
Sci-Fi Speed Dating in Room 9 from 3-5pm
Star Trek "Captains Reunion" in Room 14 from 5-5:45

James Marsters Q&A from 11-11:45am in Room 14
Charmed Q&A from 1-1:45pm in Room 11
Star Wars Q&A from 3-3:45pm in Room 11
Bruce Campbell Q&A 4-4:45pm in Room 14
Greg Capullo Workshop 5-5:45pm in Room 14

Stan Lee Q&A 11-11:45am in Room 14
Buffyquest Q&A 12-12:45pm in Room 14
Boondock Saints Q&A 2-2:45pm in Room 14

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  1. They had a Boondock Saints Q&A?! Have you ever seen Overnight, the documentary about Troy Duffy? He was like a car wrreck, I knew he was gonna crash and burn, but I just couldn't look away lol.