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Thursday, July 19, 2012

ShowYouSuck addresses recent accusations in a Letter to His Fans

We've featured Show You Suck's music multiple times here on Idol Threat so you all know that we're a huge supporter of him and his music.  Apparently he has recently been wrongfully accused of getting in a physical altercation with a woman, which if you've ever met the man you'd know that is something he could never be capable of. 

Unfortunately this accusation has led to Show being taken off of various upcoming shows including his opening slot for Elzhi and his spot on the North Coast Music Festival.  It's sad that bad press travels faster than good, it takes very little to slander someone's name but takes way too much to counterbalance that negativity.  Show has released a statement via clearing up the air, you can see the full statement after the jump.

"As much as I did not want to address this unfortunate issue it has come to the point that it’s effecting my fans and I’m not okay with that.

With that being said, this announcement is for all of my supporters, fans, friends and family. As all of my peers know, I do not drink, it’s just my personal choice, and everything that took place the evening of this event is still completely clear, I remember everything in account to what happened that night.

Friday morning after 2am July 6th, an altercation broke out between two belligerent people. Myself along with two others tried breaking up the fight. As I remember, and as what was told by third party witnesses, a woman was involved but was never hit or punched by anyone in my party of friends that night. However, while breaking up the fight, I was recognized as “ShowYouSuck” by the woman who, now, claims to have been hit by myself and apparently 6-11 other men. She repeatedly stated that she knew me, had booked me for a show, and in her intoxicated state, which has been acknowledged by both parties, was going to stab me to death. I’d never seen or been introduced to this woman before this incident..."

"As she tugged on my arm screaming she knew me, I continued to make myself as physically distant from her as possible in my attempts to separate the two small parties in the physical altercation. While I do not deny there was an altercation between two parties I’d like to clarify for anyone in question or led to believe otherwise that, I, have the utmost physical respect for women. I do not, nor have I ever condoned the physical assault of women by men be it anyone in or out of my associates. Since the incident I have been unjustly removed from two major Chicago summer shows, slandered on many social media sites as a “drunken woman beater” by said opposing party and their associates who were not present in any way the night of the altercation and have received threats of my home being burned down by this woman via twitter. I remind you and can not stress enough that I do not approve of the assault of women by men nor do I partake in drinking alcohol.

I haven’t been removed from these shows based off of eyewitnesses, police records, medical records, or anything that can even be considered as factual evidence that I were an aggressor in the situation to anyone; I’ve been removed on the basis of being recognizable and one intoxicated person’s word. My team has done as much as possible in regards of resolving the situation from trying to have an in person sit-down with the opposing party and third party witnesses to even suggesting involvement by the law, but it seems the opposing party’s association to the promotional companies who’ve booked me far supersede any legitimate facts.

At this point my major concern is that those close and distant to me know the truth about myself and those to whom I choose to associate myself with at all times, not only in regards to the incident that took place that night, but also the code of conduct that I and we go by 365 days a year, PMA. The removal from the Elzhi show is a bummer for my fans and I’m still waiting for a response as to there being a refund for my fans who may have pre-purchased tickets to see me open. For the past year and a half you’ve all watched me grow into the position that I’m in now. And the same principles that got me to this point are the ones that I will continue to exhibit. This situation won’t slow me down one bit, and I have all of your support to thank for that. Stick with me on this ride and I promise I’m going to keep making you all proud."

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