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Saturday, April 14, 2012

C2E2 2012 Spotlight: Box O Zombies

Zombies are real hot right now. They have been for awhile but due to the rising popularity of The Walking Dead tv series the zombie craze has been taken to new heights. That makes it the perfect time to release zombie paraphernalia such as this "Box O Zombies." Box O Zombies is owned by Immersive Realms, Inc. which is founded and operated by Shawn Recinto. The boxes being sold contain zombie figurine versions of little green army men and come in neon green and purple, but can be painted whatever colors you'd like. Its a simple premise but the result is pretty fucking awesome and way more detailed than they seem in their pictures.

This little box comes with 6 zombie figures that each have their own backstory on how they met their fate. Each story is (or will be) a motion comic episode available on the Box O Zombie site and you can preview the first 3 episodes below. This is the first set of the first series and hopefully the new sets will come very soon. Their booth at C2E2 has both colorways on display and they also have 2 limited statues of a zombiefied swordsman in a blank and painted version which will be raffled off at the end of the convention weekend. The statuettes may be a glimpse of whats to come in the next set and they're currently advertising their upcoming animated comic episode "Master Zange Zombie Slayer." Master Zange is based on a real Chicago Martial artist- sans the zombie slaying of course- and will actually be appearing at the Box O Zombies booth on Sunday where you can ask him about his zombie killing techniques or sign up for his affordable martial arts classes. You can see them at Booth 565 and you can find out more and order the first set at the link below.


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