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Monday, February 13, 2012

Neal Adams Appeals to the Comic Industry & Fans on Behalf of Gary Friedrich

Not only is legendary Batman/X-Men artist Neal Adams one of the best artists to ever grace the comic world, it seems he's also a great guy as well. Neal has recently reached out to comic fans and professionals to help out Gary Friedrich, co-creator of Marvel Comics character Ghost Rider. Gary in dire straits financially and physically but to top it all off he's being sued for $17,000 by Marvel as well (here's a link for more info: "Gary Friedrich being sued.") The legality of Marvel's position is a tough point to argue but it doesn't have to be legal for something to seem tacky and immoral. Picking on the little guy is not a good look Marvel - in case you forgot your employees, fans and customers ARE the little guys. Here's an excerpt from Neal's address:

"Fellow creators, we can help Gary Friedrich without taking any kind of position in his case with Marvel. Gary is sick, and he’s about to lose his house, and though he will tell you he is not destitute, he needs help.

If I have to do it alone, I will see to it that he gets his mortgage paid, and gets some money in the bank. But I would like to ask you all to help.

Gary is a victim of the deficiencies of two very bad copyright laws, and the history in the comic book industry of poor practices on everybody’s part. There will be battles in the future, and good will come of them. But this is simply just a bad situation. Gary is one of us. And while we can’t save him from Marvel, and his small place in history, we can help him have a place to live, ongoing."

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Neal Adams to come to C2E2!:

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