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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Idol Threat 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are stressful enough with bad weather, bad relatives and bad gifts so Idol Threat has decided to relieve you of some of that stress with our first Holiday Gift Ideas post. Whether its for your parents, significant other or co-worker gift-giving is no simple task. Trying to figure out what they would like out of all the things they didn't already get themselves on top of making it affordable is damn near impossible but hopefully these out-of-the-box suggestions will help. There's something for almost everyone here from cat lovers to insomniacs so scroll down to be inspired and check the jump for the rest of Idol Threat's 15 Holiday Gift Ideas!:

Obol, the Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl ($20)
You ever make yourself a bowl of cereal and then get interrupted by a phone call or way-too-interesting infomercial only to return to a bowl of soggy un-edible mush? If that sounds like you or someone you know then the Obol Original Crispy Bowl is the gift for you! This ingenious little bowl and its swoop and scoop spiral design keeps the milk and cereal separate until its ready to get in your belly! If cereal doesn't get your breakfast rocks off then maybe this Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster is more your speed.

ReAuthored Tablet Book Case ($59)
The number one gift idea for the past couple of years has got to be the iPad. Everyone and their mother has been clamoring for a tablet so chances are everyone who wants one already has it. In fact its so popular that even getting a case or accessory is hit or miss since they probably already rabidly stocked up on everything the second they got their tablet. Enter ReAuthored and their unique and classy cases. Their cases are made out of recycled books proving once and for all that the rise of the eReaders doesn't necessarily mean the end of books. These cases look great and also gives you a discreet way to walk around with your expensive new toy instead of carrying it around in a case that screams "steal me please!" ReAuthored makes cases for iPads, Kindles and practically every other tablet and rumor has it a certain smart and sexy someone is in the process of re-designing their logo!

Order Here:

Supaboy Portable SNES Console ($80)
The Super Nintendo Gaming system is considered by many to be the greatest gaming console of all time. From F-Zero, Mega Man X, Chrono Trigger to Super Street Fighter II: Turbo gamers all over the world could not get enough of the 16 bit system when it came out in the early 90s. Now you can play these games wherever you like with Hyperkin's new portable SNES system "Supaboy." You can even connect it to a tv and play your SNES or Famicom games on there! If you don't want to lug around all your bulky game cartridges then maybe you'd rather get the
a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator, the tiny system that lets you play SNES, NES, Genesis, Gameboy games and almost any other emulator you throw at it.

Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella ($20)
Real talk, real ninjas never get wet. They walk between the raindrops. Since you or your would-be gift recipient are most likely not ninjas then you may need a little help in the staying-dry department. Lucky for you this can be done in style with these umbrellas and their fancy ninja (or Samurai for those with honor) sword blade handles. They come in short or long sword/umbrella versions. Ninja vanish!

Order Here: Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella

Uncrate Bulletproof Clipboard ($45)
Are you or someone you know a teacher? And do you or someone you know spends most of your or his/her life living in a gangsters paradise? Are you Michelle Pfieffer? Then you probably need to own this insane bullet-proof clipboard to help you teach in case you don't know Capoeira. This little baby is made of
Level II body armor and can stop 9mm rounds! FUCKING NINE FUCKING MILLIMETER!!! Knowledge is power.

Order Here: Bulletproof Clipboard

Banksy Art Downloads (FREE!)
"Street art" is one of the most wildly popular forms of art in existence today. This combination of outsider art, graffiti and modern art has had many Legends over the years including Obey's Shepard Fairy, Neck Face and Mike Giant. One of the most infamous and prolific of those legends has to be English artist "Banksy." His satirical and often darkly humorous stencils can be seen on the walls in cities all over the world but you or someone you know can own a copy of his art for the amazing price of - FREE! The
mysterious artist has put a bunch of his images up for free download for personal use and you can make holiday cards, gift wrap paper or frame up one of his prints to give to a friend! No selling or passing it off as original though, or we'll cut off your balls. Or surgically implant some THEN cut them off.

Get them Here: Free Banksy Art

JOYSTICK-IT iPhone Arcade Stick ($9 - $13)
Not everyone is a gamer but most everyone has played a video game at some point in their lives and nostalgia can be a powerful tool in fueling their desire for old games. Combine that with the fact that practically everyone owns an iPhone or similar Smart Phone and you have a new budding industry of retro gamers clamoring for an authentic gaming experience and there's nothing more authentic or satisfying than the feel of a real joystick. Now you can own a joystick that sticks to your iPhone and there's even an iPad version as well, but if that's not enough for your arcade fix then maybe you need the iPad iCade System for the full joystick & buttons experience.

Order Here: iPhone Joystick

Original Comic Book Art (Price Varies)
Comic Book Nerds has got to be some of the most difficult people to shop for since their insane collector mentality has more than likely led them to own or subscribe to every single comic they desire. You can try for statues or other related paraphernalia but if you don't know them well enough you might just accidentally get them a duplicate (some nerds have so much nerd schwag they might even have stuff in storage and therefore away from your prying gift-giving eyes.) As long as you even have the slightest idea of their favorite book or character there exists a surefire way of getting them something they don't have - original comic book art. Not only is this a classier and more "mature" looking gift but the fact that these are the ORIGINAL comic book art pages makes them a completely unique item that no one else will have. Depending on the artist prices can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars so shop around, you can often get them directly from the comic book artists or there's even some galleries you can shop from. I recommend buying anything from Geoff Darrow.

Order Here: How to Order Original Comic Art

Smoking Dragon Incense Box ($25)
Okay, I'm not a dirty hippie but even I will be willing to own incense if it came in a holder that looked as badass as this! This statue of a dragons head not only burns incense safely, it also lets the smoke sinisterly billow out from its mouth and nostrils and even acts as a storage space for your unused/spare incense sticks! If you need an awesome way to hide the smell of the ganj or just want a smoking dragons head in your home then this is the item for you, or y'know a good gift.

Olloclip 3 in 1 iPhone Camera Lens ($70)
So we've already went over the fact that almost everyone owns an iPhone. Since they probably already own the new and improved 4S why not get them something to help them take advantage of the new and improved camera that came with it? Even if they're stuck with the regular ol "4" they can make any of their pictures better with this attachable 3 in 1 lens that has Macro, wide angle and fish eye lenses! Everybody's already an amateur photographer so why not feed their delusion with these amazing lenses? Seriously though these lenses are pretty good and well worth the $70, combine them with the $20 GLIF tripod mount and you have yourself a phone that can truly replace your digital camera!

Order Here:

MOMA LED Bag Light ($9)
You know a girl that carries everything they own in their bag? Or maybe you know a guy who never leaves home without their backpack or bike messenger bag? If its stuffed enough with crap then its got to be a bitch finding anything in there, even during the day with great lighting, but now you can easily and stylishly light up the inside of your bag with this handy LED light that you can attach to the handle of your bag. Fuck it, besides the free Banksy art this is the cheapest thing on here so you can at least get it as a stocking stuffer.

Order Here: Moma LED Bag LIght

Zeo Smart Phone Sleep Manager ($100)

Okay now there officially isn't a problem out there that they don't have "an app for." Do you or someone you know have problems getting a good night's sleep? Do you sleep for 6 to 8 hours only to wake up and STILL be tired? Don't you wish there was a way to see how much REM sleep you get and keep a record of your sleep scores so you can improve the quality of your rest? Well now you can with the MOBILE ZEO SLEEP MANAGER! This little doozy t
racks and improve the quality of your sleep on your smart phone and comes with a headband and app that works with iOS and Android systems. If you think $100 is a lot of money to spend on this note that a real sleep study for one night can cost thousands of dollars or at least a couple of hundred for the deductible on your insurance if you have it. I bet this stupid little phone headband is starting to look pretty good now huh?

Order Here:

Frolicat Automatic Laser Light ($20)
Fuck a string, there's nothing more fun you can do with a cat than watching it chase after a laser light. Give it a shot, its a fucking hoot. Now you can let the fun go on for hours even after your arm cramps up with the Frolicat Automatic Laser Light! Just set it down somewhere safe if you're too tired or lazy to wave the thing around yourself and watch your cat go nuts trying to catch the intangible little dot. Stoopid cat, no you cannot haz da lite.

Order Here:

Roku LT Streaming Player ($50)
Know someone who wants to stream Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant video but don't want to spend the extra loot on a PS3, Wii or Apple TV? It's understandable, hundreds of dollars is an awful lot to spend on someone even if they are related to you. Most compatible Blu-ray players usually offer the ability to stream only one of the aforementioned services, but with the Roku LT Streaming Player you can stream all that and more (including hundreds of free movies from Crackle) all for under $50! Thats even cheaper than most routers! Works with virtually any TV, has built in wireless and streams in HD up to 720p! You can also stream Pandora, MOG, Rdio, and Live365 if playing music from your TV is your thing.

Order Here: Roku LT Streaming Player

Birchbox Monthly Beauty Sampler ($10/Month)
So I saved the "best" for last. Finding a good gift for any girl is tough, but finding one for someone you're dating or married to is probably the hardest gift to find. You've already exhausted most of the cliche options, especially if you've been with them long enough to have gotten multiple birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts. What can you possibly get them now? How about a gift that literally keeps on giving? Birchbox is a company that offers high-end beauty samples that gets delivered monthly! That's right, they do all the work for you and it STILL comes off as a sweet and thoughtful idea! I don't know any of the brands myself but that doesn't mean anything, they seem fancy enough to me and you ladies will likely know at least a handful of the brands. They also offer a mens version of the subscription but really whats the point? Metrosexuals have to be all but extinct by now. You can buy 3 or 6 month subscriptions for your lady or buy a whole year and get one month free!

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