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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Envy - As Serenity Calls Your Name [Japan Disaster Relief]

With all the disasters that keep happening all around the world its tough to keep track of them all, and with the economy the way it is it's even tougher to help out with donations. Luckily the mighty Envy has provided a brand new track for us to buy and all the proceeds goes to Japan disaster relief. Every little bit helps and at 7 minutes long the Envy track is a bargain of a buy to begin with so please do not hesitate to purchase and to help out further if you can. Here's the press release for the track from Temporary Residence Limited:

"Japan's legendary post-whatever powerhouse ENVY have recorded a brand new song specifically to benefit relief efforts for the devastating earthquake that struck Japan earlier this year. It will take years - likely decades even, - to rebuild the affected areas. This single will be available exclusively on iTunes so that we can minimize overhead costs to insure that 100% of the proceeds from each sale will go towards relief efforts. For only $0.99 you get a badass new 7-minute Envy burner, and Japan receives your support when and where they most need it. You can purchase the single here:"

Please Buy Here:
Envy - As Serenity Calls Your Name

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