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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Superman: Man of Steel Movie Costume SUCKS

Wow, and I thought the color scheme was the main problem when I first saw a sneak peak at this new costume. More pictures leaked from the filming of the upcoming
Zack Snyder-directed
Superman movie entitled "Man of Steel" and fans' suspicions that they fucked up the costume design have now been confirmed. The only thing they got right was taking away the underwear outside of the costume, but what's with the spiny stuff on the sides? Are those alien spanks? Is that crown molding on his side abs? His suit looks like it has an import car aftermarket body kit on it, complete with carbon fiber bracelets. I'm getting sick of everyone stealing the Spider-Man "texture" for costumes too (it almost pisses me off as much as them re-starting the Spider-Man movie franchise.) Before some of you have a kryptonite-induced heart attack don't worry, there's still a cape. Check the link below for more horrible pics.

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  1. fuck u dude , u would have never liked it even if your mother designed it , that is a cul outfit

  2. sorry dude but the man of steel superman outfit suxx .without aerobic pants he look not like superman