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Friday, August 05, 2011

METZ - 7 Inches [Free Downloads]

So these guys have been making some huge noise lately (both literally and figuratively) and many are calling METZ the next big thing. Hailing from Toronto, Canada this trio of noise punks opened up for Death From Above 1979 at the Metro in Chicago last night and blew me away (figuratively and almost literally.) They have a huge, fuzzed-out and fast-paced sound and an amazing live show that makes it easy to see why so many people are singing their praises. They reminded me a little of a noisier Young Widows with Bear Vs Shark-esque vocals, some critics have even compared them to Bleach-era Nirvana. As hard as pinpointing their sound is it’s even harder to try and explain their live show and do it any kind of justice. In fact after downloading all their free stuff immediately after the show I was actually rather disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, the songs are good, REALLY good. If I heard their stuff before seeing their show it’d be a different story, but I can’t help but be let down after hearing them live. As amazing as the songs are they just don’t quite capture the immediacy and high energy of their performances. Hopefully they figure things out before their full length gets released, or maybe they can take a cue from the aforementioned Young Widows and splice together an album from studio time and pieces of their live performances. Or maybe this kind of raw passion was only meant for the stage, a kind of magic that mere mics and analog tapes can never grasp.

Whatever the case may be it’s just one of many reasons to see them live. If you’re in Chicago on Sunday and want to wind down after Lolla or if you’re looking for a more intimate alternative to the 'fest then you should catch the METZ playing at the Empty Bottle with Idol Threat favorites Anatomy of Habit. Something tells me that they won’t be playing the smaller venues for that much longer. Stream the demo for their new song “Wet Blanket” below and head on over to their bandcamp to buy their singles or download them for free:

Download For free or name your price:

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