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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Haterazzi talks about V-Nasty Controversy

WOW. When I Google Haterazzi the first description I get is "pop culture assassins" and that my friends is a motherfuckin UNDERSTATEMENT if this video is any indication. Haterazzi is the "realest radio show on the internet" and the subject of this particular show is female rapper V-Nasty. V-Nasty has been a controversial subject of late for her liberal use of the "n-word" despite being white. She is part of the "White Girl Mob," a collective led by current Youtube sensation Kreayshawn.

V-Nasty and her supporters argue that her upbringing in the hood of Oakland and recent incarceration more than validates her "realness" and excuses her use of the word "nigga," also stating that the word no longer holds the same meaning or stigma it once did. Regardless of how you feel about the subject this video is the most articulate commentary about it to surface yet. This just goes to show that nothing is more "real" than knowledge, we need to celebrate intelligence for a change. All I know is if the Hip Hop community almost disowned EMINEM for using the word ONCE there's no way this girl should get a fucking pass.

*Update: Just found this video interview of Kreayshawn catchin heat for V-Nasty's antics. Awwwwwkkwwarrrrdd...

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