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Friday, July 22, 2011

Handmade Birds: Label Sampler

Handmade Birds is a Texas based label run by Pyramids/Sailors with Wax Wings member R. Loren. The label's roster is a reflection of the diverse sounds and influences of Loren's music and releases music that ranges from the atmospheric black metal of Blut Aus Nord & Celestial, the harsh noise wall of The Rita, to the dark ambient drone of William Fowler Collins. Invisible Oranges recently featured an interview with the label head and also put up a nice label sampler for download, check the sampler below then head over to the site and buy some quality music. There's also details on how to win a nice vinyl box set from the label that can be found after the tracklist:

Download Here: Handmade Birds Label Sampler
1. Servile Sect -Tremendous Stillness
2. Der Blutharsch – Untitled
3. Evan Caminiti – Heavy Whisper
4. Celestiial – Haunting Cries Beneath the Lake
5. Gates – They Hide in the Shadows II
6. Key – Through the Silver Skin
7. Hostage Pageant – Resemble Human Form
. . .

Handmade Birds Website: SiteStore
. . .
Handmade Birds: Vinyl Giveaway: We are giving away a package of beautiful Handmade Birds vinyl: the Key 3×10″ box set, Celestial’s Desolate North LP, and Servile Sect’s hot ticket Trvth LP.

To enter, simply list in the comments below one artist that Handmade Birds should sign. You must include one (and only one) link to a page with streaming audio, e.g., Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or MySpace. Entries listing multiple artists or lacking links to streaming audio will be disqualified. Whoever submits the most promising artist to R. Loren’s ears will win the vinyl package. International entrants are welcome. The deadline for entry is midnight PST a week from today, Thursday, July 28, 2011.

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