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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Grassa Dato - La Caida [Free Download]

I just realized that it's been awhile since I've posted some free noise, luckily Bandcamp is an excellent source for good free noise or music of any genre. You would think that I'm sponsored by Bandcamp or something the way I ride their nuts all the time but no such luck, I just truly believe that the website is an absolute must have for any artists trying to promote and/or sell their music. Just search for any buzzword or click on any tag and browse to your hearts content and you're on your way to discovering tons of great new music.

This short but excellent bit of noise comes to us from Grassa Dato who hails all the way from Madrid, Spain. The almost 14 minute track starts off subtle and doesn't just bludgeon you from the get go, it has some nice delays & buildup and has plenty of replay value as well. I really like the album art and the design of his site too, his overall aesthetic is refreshing compared to the normal noise artwork being used. If you're hungry for more you can stream or buy his other releases and download a free 30 minute tape on his bandcamp as well. For noise lovers only.

Download and stream here:

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