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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sludge Swamp Closes its doors...

Bummer, I knew this was happening but I didn't notice that the site officially closed down till today. Before I discovered this blog I was stuck finding my doom and dirge the old fashioned way; these guys have turned me onto so many bands & amazing albums throughout the years. Here's more info from

"Well after four years, The Sludge Swamp is closed. Friday was the last day for anything new on the Swamp. It also happened to be the Swamp’s 4th anniversary. The Sludge Swamp was a free download blog that was known all throughout the world by many and started up by one cool cat, “Cheeto.” Cheeto and his team of posters would post up albums by many bands over the years. I myself have discovered far to many to name from visiting the Swamp. Many of the bands posted would have never had the opportunity to be heard by so many people if it wasn’t for the Swamp...

...The Sludge Swamp isn’t closing down completely, there will be another site opening up soon but the blog as it’s known, is done. Cheeto has been pretty tight lipped about what is in store for the future but he’s not disappearing completely and we’ll be sure to be seeing him real soon. The following was posted on the Swamp’s Facebook page yesterday:

"Our beloved Sludge Swamp Blog will be closing down tomorrow on it’s 4th. Birthday. I will be posting the last posts. Some special posts I have saved to close us out with. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for our address to be announced. The Facebook page will not close down."

Will it be another download blog? Will it be a news site? Only the cat knows and Cheeto isn’t talking just yet. Whatever it turns into, it’s going to be soon and you can bet that it’ll be good."

RIP and thanks for the ride guys.

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