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Friday, June 03, 2011

New "Paper-like" Computers May be the Future of Smartphones & Tablets

Apparently Canada IS good for something (I keed I keed!) Welcome to Friday and welcome to the future! And here I thought my Evo being made 'obsolete' by a 3D version in only a year is impressive. Combine that 3D/hologram tech with this new thin invention and Sci-fi becomes reality. Wonder how they're gonna get USB cords to connect to this stuff?? Check the press release excerpt and the link to the full release below:

"KINGSTON, ONTARIO – The world’s first interactive paper computer is set to revolutionize the world of interactive computing.

“This is the future. Everything is going to look and feel like this within five years,” says creator Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab. “This computer looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper. You interact with it by bending it into a cell phone, flipping the corner to turn pages, or writing on it with a pen.”

The smartphone prototype, called PaperPhone is best described as a flexible iPhone – it does everything a smartphone does, like store books, play music or make phone calls. But its display consists of a 9.5 cm diagonal thin film flexible E Ink display. The flexible form of the display makes it much more portable that any current mobile computer: it will shape with your pocket."

Check it: Full Article here.

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