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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rubberoom Reunion at Abbey Pub 5/22

I know this is late notice but I’ve been rather busy lately and without a laptop so that’s why updates have been scarce. I’m going to go ahead and put this out there, I think that Rubberoom’s album Architechnology is not just a classic Chicago Hip Hop record, but a classic Hip Hop album period. I feel that it should be mentioned in the same breath as other underground classics of its time such as Cannibal Ox’s Cold Vein.

Rubberoom consisted mainly of producers The Isle of Weight & Mr. Echoes (who are now The Opus) and rappers Meta-Mo & Lumba with Stizo being their live DJ (the album itself featured a whopping 13 different turntablists!) Alone each member was formidable but together they forged something unique, it was as if Meta & Lumba’s abstract braggadocio was born to fit over the Gothic and stark production of The Opus. The beats were raw & sparse but always contained a dark and heavy vibe that made it sound way fuller than mere drums & samples. Their drums were main the focus, sounding much more industrial and forceful than most other drums of its day, but it was The Isle of Weight & Mr. Echoes subtle mastery of atmosphere that set their production apart from the pack. Meta-Mo & Lumba twisted wordplay in and around the tracks with a way of phrasing that made their words hit with blunt force trauma. Architechnology still sounds futuristic to this day despite being released over a decade ago in 2000.

With an album of this caliber it seemed that Rubberoom was destined for greatness. Sadly the folding of their label 3-2-1 dissolved their record deal and the group itself with its members splitting amicably to pursue solo endeavors.

Fast forward to now and the groups long awaited reunion. The original foursome will perform at the Abbey Pub this Sunday the 22nd in Chicago, with openers Robust, MC ADaD, DJ Pratt and the group’s own DJ Stizo. It also looks like The Opus will perform as well, and we’ll be treated to some new Rubberoom material which I hope is a sign that another full-length is in the works. If you’re in or near Chicago this Sunday I HIGHLY recommend you see this show, as of right now their only other performance is at the
Soundset Hip-Hop festival in Minnesota on May 29. Tickets are a steal at only $10 and you save a couple of bucks buying them in advance

Cop Tickets Here: Rubberoom Reunion at The Abbey Pub

Download their new track "It's On" for FREE:

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