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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Show You Suck: OneManPizzaParty EP

So instead of asking for presents on his birthday Show You Suck decided to give one to all of you lucky fucks. He's giving out a free EP entitled "OneManPizzaParty" brought to you by Ruby Hornet, Code of Conduct , Artpentry and the wonderful slacker holiday 4/20. The EP was produced by his long time collaborater Mike Jaxx and includes tracks that have been recently leaked by Ruby Hornet and songs that were originally intended to be on his Coyote del Coco mixtape.

That mixtape was slated to be released yesterday but since this EP came out instead we can only assume that the project got shelved or pushed back. The new tracks are sick and if you're in Chicago this Sunday night you can hear them live when Show You Suck performs at Beauty Bar (located where Sonotheque used to be.) Download the EP below and check out the tracklist and show flyer after the jump:

Download Here: Show You Suck: OneManPizzaParty

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