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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The iPhone 8X Telephoto Lens

I think I have camera-envy... 'no photo.'

Ok this may make your phone look pretty stupid but it also turns it into beast of a camera. This little beauty adds an 8X Telephoto zoom to your camera lens enhancing your iPhone 4’s already impressive 5 megapixel camera (they also have an iPhone 3 version.) The telephoto lens stays attached by screwing onto an included iPhone case, there’s even a fucking tripod included with the package! A part of me wishes they’d make a version for my HTC Evo's 8 megapixel camera but that seems unrealistic, especially considering the fact that my thicker battery negates the use of any Evo case.

For serious photography on the go you can’t get more portable than this, become your own pocket paparazzi with this $35 attachment. (more pics after the jump, including a sample photo that showcases the zoom capabilities.) *Update: Just found out that this isn't adjustable so it loses some cool points, a fixed 8X zoom is still pretty sweet though.

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