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Sunday, February 06, 2011

No Nazi Noise [NNNCO] Compilation

Here's a bunch of free noise, power electronics and more from awesome zine "No Nazi Noise" (not recommended for the feint of heart or ear.) You can probably tell from the name that this zine is staunchly against the Nazi and right-wing racist element found in certain circles of the noise scene. What we have here is a comp from artists all around the world who support the spirit of this zine. There's a lot of great stuff to be found here, I especially enjoy the track from anarcho death ambient/heavy electronics "group" Black Bloc. You also get a pdf copy of the zine with this download. Check an excerpt from the press release below and the download link to NNNCO's bandcamp after, which has the comp and other free albums you can download (you can also click the jump to see all available links for the artists on this comp courtesty of NNNCO head RJ Myato.) NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF!

"Originally released as a cd-r+zine compilation. Over an hour of music with half-page sized booklet containing artists’ writings about their experiences with right-wing racism in the noise scene.

More than a dozen international artists in the genres of harsh noise, glitch, improv, digital hardcore, and more opposing bigotry, fascism, homophobia, misogyny, and prejudice in noise...

Curated by NNNCoalition co-founder RJ Myato."

Download Here:

NNNCO Wordpress:

black bloc

syph saun


clang quartet

burnout warcry

nick hoffman / katchmare



extreme hair stench

astral social club

black sue



earth incubator

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