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Friday, November 26, 2010

WINTER Reunited to Play Roadburn 2011

FUcking hell I'm tired of sharing news that does nothing but piss me off. Again in spirit of the fucking brutal cold I bring you news of legendary doom band WINTER reuniting for the Sunn O))) curated Roadburn festival in Holand next year. First Co Flow in London and now Holland? USA step your game up, hopefully this news means a permanent reunion and not a one-off and maybe a new album and tour? C'mon son! (*Ed Lover voice.) I wonder what's up with Winter - Into Darkness Southern Lord reissue? Check the press release below from

"19 years after the band split in 1992, New York's cult doom band WINTER has reformed and will play at the Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland next April. The band will perform on Friday, April 15 at the 013 vnue as part of SUNN O)))'s curated day along with EARTH, SCORN, BEAVER, ALUK TODOLO, MENACE RUINE, HOODED MENACE, THE SECRET and Atilla Csihar's VOID OV VOICES."

See the full release here:

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