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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Team Teamwork: The Ocarina of Rhyme

OK, this maaaaaay be a little too corny even for my taste but what the hell. "The Ocarina of Rhyme" is an album mash-up of Hip Hop acapellas and beats made with samples from the video game 'The Legend of Zelda.' The name of the album is a play on words of "Ocarina of Time," the title of the pre-quel to the famous Zelda series. Video Game nerds will geek over the "oh shit" factor of the combo on initial listen but there isn't much here to constitute multiple listens to anyone but hardcore gamers. Most of these sound a bit forced and it seems like they just looped the soundtrack songs over drums. So why even download this you ask? The songs are pretty humorous and the MF Doom track works so fucking well it almost makes the entire album a 'win.' Almost. Plus, it's been a slow week. Check the LINK below (get it? heh?!)

Download here: Team Teamwork: The Ocarina of Rhyme

Team Teamwork Website:

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