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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dark Time Sunshine - Believeyoume

While checking out Aesop Rock's latest collabos and guest spots I stumbled across a free album called 'Believeyoume' by the duo "Dark Time Sunshine" on Fake Four Inc. Records. The duo consists of Cape Cowen (aka Onry Ozzborn of dope Seattle-based Hip Hop group Grayskul) & Chicago-based producer Zavala. I'm a fan of any album with one producer, I always feel that it's a better and clearer way to get a vision across. This ringtone/single MP3 world has lost the meaning of cohesive sound and having a dope ALBUM, not just a collection of dope songs. Believeyoume has a gritty but light sound and is a solid listen from start to finish so definitely click the link hoard. Check the press release and download link after (plus a BONUS link to download the instrumentals) and if you like this cop their new album "Vessel" which contains guest spots from Aesop Rock, P.O.S., Qwel & more:

"I guess it was only a matter of time before 2 loggers from Northern Ireland would meet up in the states one day &make way. For what you ask? Music composed for the sole purpose of courting dames who will later give birth to snobs ,archers ,zombie lovers ,&rappers.. while yet still being able to remain REGAL & JUST throughout thines conflicts & obstacles. A positive light during a dark period I say.

Born as Ludwig & Lair, the 2 reside distant in body (Seattle U.S.A., & Chicago Illinois) but closely encountered through beat ,vocal , & Google. With only about ONE year of mixing formulas.. DARK TIME SHINE has managed to "shoot the gift" per se ,& title it BELIEVEYOUME.. Free for you & yours.

With a sound blending the Golden age of Hip Hop, with todays synthesized dro drop ,simply makes you feel as if time travel is surely possible with every listen. Experienced & well whittled, these 2 individuals set fourth to quite honestly make you smile, think, fight, fantasize, smile some more, dance, & eventually leave you with some of those feelings/goosebumps that perhaps could lead to a GOOD DAY!
Both men have treaded along side some of the most re-known musicians this world has to offer. From Atmosphere to Del.. Aesop Rock to Sleep.. Sage Francis to Molemen.. Jedi Mind Tricks to Qwel & Maker (the list goes on & on) these 2 Semi-Pro baseball dropouts have put a lot of blood ,sweat,& tears into this love of theirs, & have happened to be accompanied by some of the best to ever do it along the way.. The future looks bright for Cape Cowen & Zavala ,with the help of FAKE FOUR INC., there will be a lot more gifts for you.. (the listener) if you choose to oblige & indulge."

Get it Free Here:

Download Instrumentals here: Dark Time Sunshine – BelieveYouMe

Buy "Vessel" Here: http://www.circleintosquare.com/

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