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Friday, November 26, 2010

Alaskan - The Weak and the Wounded

So in the 'spirit' of Black Friday I thought I'd try and give you guys as much free shit as I can today. Or at least as much stuff as my insomnia allows. Let's see how this works out. And in the spirit of this 18 degree/feels-like-5-degree weather I thought I'd start with a Canadian band called Alaskan. Their album 'The Weak and the Wounded' was recorded by Topon Das of fellow Canadian Grindcore band Fuck the Facts, but don't expect much Grindcore here (besides the movie samples scattered throughout.) Here you'll find more grim, atmospheric post rock tinged doom/sludge much like early Isis with Envy-esque vocals. This is pretty good stuff and not a bad start for today so download for free or for however much you like and maybe pick up some merch or the album on tape. Get em:

Download here:

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