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Friday, October 22, 2010

Rob Swift - Sketches Of The Architect [Free Scion EP]

Damn Damn Damn I got a one-track mind tonight, at least you readers get to benefit from it! More sscrrraatch madness for FREE courtesy of Rob Swift and (yet again) SCION. As if the free
Scion/Adult Swim Metal Sampler wasn't impressive enough, they're now giving away a free EP as a follow up to Rob Swift's album “The Architect” which was released earlier this year. Rob Swift is a member of the East Coast/Beat Juggling counterparts to the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, The X-ecutioners. The legendary turntablist crew was formerly known as the X-Men, but changed their name for obvious reasons (and the current Disney-owned Marvel Comics would have tore them a new one if they kept that name.) Thankfully The X-ecutioners (especially Rob Swift) have strayed away from being so juggle-centric and have embraced the scratching side of turntablism more over the last decade. This EP continues the classical influence heard on "The Architect" and the first track even has a narrated explanation of this and very short Rob Swift history lesson. Give it a shot and buy The Architect if you like this (ignore the random dance music that loads up on the page where you download the EP) RIP Roc Raida:

Download the Album for FREE here:
Rob Swift - Sketches Of The Architect

Buy the MP3 album of The Architect for only $8.99:
The Architect at

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