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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mirrors Of Obsidian - Imminent Chaos Complete [Free Download]

It's about time I put up some free Death Metal on here! I was going to post a few videos and a short review of the D-Styles show last night but the sound in the videos I took turned out to be complete shit so I figured there was no point. D-Styles was sick though, very technical and creative. He even used "South of Heaven" to scratch with. Fucking Slayer! Anyways on to the task at hand...

Mirrors of Obsidian comes to us all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Originally Ciaran Ennis did vocals & Eoin Ennis played all the instruments but they've recently reached out for more musicians to complete their band. Mirrors play excellent prog-influenced Death Metal that reminds me a little of Gorod or Meshuggah. The screaming vocals sound especially Jens Kidman-esque and is coupled with some very clean, traditionally sung heavy metal vocals (which makes sense since the two original members were formerly in the Folk Metal band Celtic Legacy.) They even occasionally throw in some Cynic-like robot vocals as well. To get a further idea of their overall sound Mirrors also list Death, Fear Factory, Godflesh, Gojira and Emperor as some of their influences.

Despite the clean vocal parts I quite like this album, I'm a huge fan of prog/death combos, odd time signatures and technical almost cyclical riffing so if you are too I suggest you click the link to this HOARD. That's 'extra super hard' for all you laymen. You can download their entire debut album for free or if you'd like to make a small donation you can paypal whatever amount you feel fair to: donations@mirrorsofobsidian.com

Mirrors of Obsidian is also looking for a bassist, so if you're in the Dublin area email them for information and inquiries: info@mirrorsofobsidian.com

Download Here for Free: http://mirrorsofobsidian.bandcamp.com/

Mirrors of Obsidian Website: http://www.mirrorsofobsidian.com/

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  1. Much belated thanks and appreciation for this feature!

    Mirrors of Obsidian