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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dj T-Kut - Super Disco Scratch [Free Break Record]

So in honor of the D-Styles show tomorrow at Darkroom I decided that I'd get some scratching done during my day off. Plenty of natural light comes into my dj room and it will
(hopefully) be sunny tomorrow and the landlord will (hopefully) be at work so I should (hopefully) have nothing stopping me from gettin a little scratch session in during the day. Haven't scratched in a minute so I might be a little rusty. Also in honor of the D-Styles show I have a free digital scratch record from DJ T-Kut who comes to us all the way from Madrid. It's basically a bunch of synth/bass heavy, half/double-time raw breaks with minimal samples and some mean ass drums to help you get your scratch on or just vibe to some instrumental Hip Hop beats. Nothing really super slow or electro-fast on here, just a bunch of mid-tempo beats (my favorite) to work out to. There's also a few samples for scratching as well. I suppose you can also use these as beats for your raps or samples for your beats but that's a little corny isn't it? Enjoy as is or virtually load into two Serato records for some beat-jugglin. I will be furiously scratching to the first beat:

Download here:

DJ T-Kut Myspace:

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