D-Styles @Darkroom, Chicago Fri Oct 22 - Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream


Thursday, October 21, 2010

D-Styles @Darkroom, Chicago Fri Oct 22

Another short notice show but this one is definitely worth changing plans for if you have them, and it won't get cancelled like the last one. D-Styles is a dj from the legendary turntablist crews The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beatjunkies and Ned Hoddings. He is also a resident dj for the famous LA-based club "Low End Theory." Many scratchers (me included) count him as a major influence, even fellow/former ISP member DJ Qbert whom many consider the best scratch dj in the world. If you've never seen or heard anything like this before then this is the perfect introduction to the world of turntablism. Manipulating records through scratching and beat juggling is an acquired taste that is quite rewarding once you understand it. I liken it to enjoying improvised jazz or guitar nerds geeking out over solos, but there's also alot to be enjoyed if you just like good music and deejaying. You won't see anyone mix records together quite like D-Styles, and he'll probably bless us with some live tracks from his all-scratch album "Phantazmagorea" (most likely with the help of a looper of some sort.) That album is a masterpiece and quite possibly the magnum opus for turntablist albums. It may not be as aggressive as the better known turntablist masterpiece by Qbert "Wavetwisters," and it might not have an entire animated Hip Hop epic to go along with it, but it's definitely darker and is actually ENTIRELY made with scratching unlike Wavetwisters. You can also check the Low End Theory podcast download link below for a taste of what you might be able to expect (thanks to Vishal for the heads up on the mix.)

D-Styles will be brought to us by The Goodness, a monthly showcase put together by DJ Rude One who always manages to bring some great artists to the Darkroom. Rude One will also be doing a set this night along with Dario Ecks and my homie Norm Rockwell of local Hip Hop group 'The Pacifics.' Rumor has it that underground scratch legend 'Toadstyles' may be in the house as well (that's right, I put you on blast Adam!) If you're a fan of the art of deejaying you definitely do NOT want to miss this! Free entry before 10pm, or $10 for guys and $5 for girls after.

Download the FREE mix here: RIGHT CLICK to save the D-styles/Asura podcast

Buy Phantazmogorea for only $6.99!: Phantazmogorea at Amazon.com

2210 W Chicago Ave (at Leavitt St)
Ukrainian Village/West Town, Chicago

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